Motif [mō-tēf]: A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work - A dominant theme or central idea.



The Audio Guys

The Audio Guys have been doing video game audio since the early days of 8-bit beeps and blops, so we feel very lucky to work closely with them on a regular basis. Besides, and maybe even more importantly, they’re simply great guys!


Mind Candy

Mind Candy’s flagship online title Moshi Monsters has over the last couple of years exploded in popularity, currently boasting over 30 million subscriptions. We create sound design and music on a regular basis for them.

Future Games of London

Future Games of London are a successful mobile games developer. Their title Hungry Shark has done very well on the App Store, and their current project in development (which we are providing sound for) looks very promising indeed.


Remode is a UK developer who produce video games and software simulations. Apart from making great looking games, they have also created their own games engine.

Babel Media

Babel Media is a localisation firm who provide testing, translation and audio services to the games industry. We are often brought in to help them out with their audio post production needs.

Juicy Beast

Juicy Beast, from Canada, make quirky & fun iPhone and Flash games with a trademark art direction.


Small UK indie outfit Litmus Games are the makers of the addictive PC puzzle game Linkit.

Supermassive Games

Guildford, UK based developer Supermassive Games specialise in games utilising the PS3 Move controller. They’re a young studio that have been growing at a fast rate.

Crooked Line

Amsterdam based animation studio Crooked Line produce clean, slick looking promotion & presentation videos for a large assortment of businesses.


Pirata is a digital production company, creating high end websites featuring extensive animation and great design overall.



Humanworkshop is a netlabel that releases electronic music with a cinematic twist. We are co-founders of this label, and a lot of our older tracks are hosted over there.

Daan Hendriks

Daan’s personal site.

Durk Kooistra

Durk’s personal site.

Designing Sound

An essential weblog for audio designers, featuring loads of interviews with industry professionals and other news related to the sound design craft. Daily reading material for people like us!

Music of Sound

Weblog by Tim Prebble, a New Zealand based sound designer. Full of great information for audio geeks!

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