Motif [mō-tēf]: A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work - A dominant theme or central idea.


FPS Control

23 06.12

Last year we worked on a nice project where we created an exclusive kit of bespoke sounds for FPS Control’s demonstration game called Shellshock.

ShellShock is the first demo created with FPS Control. Not only is the entire setup open to use, change, edit and modify, it’s also a great game! In ShellShock, you enter an abandoned powerplant and find out a way to escape. Weapons include the M9 Beretta and M16 assault rifle. The demo is a perfect example of how FPS Control works, and how to use the various tools to create a story driven game.
We made all the sounds for the game. Check out the demo right here

Fallout New Vegas

03 01.11

We were brought in by games localisation firm Babel Media this summer, to work on a very large dialogue post production project for Bethesda softworks. Our job was to work alongside Babel’s internal audio team to clean up and edit audio dialog and cutscenes.

Moshi Monsters Super Moshis trailer!

30 11.10

We are very proud to announce we’ve been working on the awesome Super Moshis trailer for the hugely popular online game and virtual world Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters is developed by Mind Candy, and it’s a virtual world where anyone can adopt and care for their own pet monster. The game has seen an explosion of growth since its launch 2 years ago, and currently counts over 27 million subscribers! Yes, that is, in pure subscription numbers, almost 3 times the size of World of Warcraft…

We had great fun working on this trailer, as we immediately loved the art direction and character design. So let’s hope the kids love the result as much as we loved working on it 🙂

We did all sound design, the music editing and the mix.
Some of the moshi monster voices were kindly provided to us by Mind Candy, and we edited those sounds to match the on-screen action. Other characters did not have any audio for their vocalisations yet so we created those ourselves.
Royalty free music was licenced by stockmusic.net.

Other credits:
Director/Animator – Wip Vernooij
Animator – Cako Facioli

Dead Space Ignition

18 10.10

We’re happy to announce that we have been working on Dead Space Ignition this summer. Dead Space Ignition is a prequel to the highly anticipated Dead Space 2, and is released for PS3 and Xbox 360 through PSN and XBLA. It’s basically a collection of minigames with animated comics in between, that tell the story of the events leading up the the start of Dead Space 2.

We created all in-game sound effects for this game, apart from a few sounds that were taken from the original Dead Space. Also, we’ve worked on about half of the game’s animated comics: editing the music, dialogue and sound effects (using a library of Dead Space legacy sounds for creatures and weapons, and adding our own sound design where needed), and mixing all elements to create the finalised sound tracks.

The Audio Guys hired us for this project. The game is developed by Sumo Digital and published by EA.

Although there’s a fair amount of reviews online for this game, so far we’ve only found one that comments on the sound (well there’s other reviews where the dialogue is mentioned, but we weren’t involved in the recording of that):

Sound: 8.
[…] the sound effects are good.” IGN

Starcraft 2

16 10.10

We were brought in by games localisation firm Babel Media to work on the dialogue post production of multiple localisation SKU’s for Blizzard’s hugely popular Starcraft 2. Our job was to work alongside Babel’s internal audio team to clean up and edit VO recordings, apply various stages of FX processing and mix and balance the dialogue into the game’s cutscenes.

Starcraft 2 - Image copyright Blizzard Entertainment
Image copyright Blizzard Entertainment.

Feed the King

26 08.10

Canadian games developer Juicy Beast are known for their quirky, funny Flash games. Their latest title, Feed the King, to be released for iPhone and Flash, features their trademark cute/comic design style and addictive game play. Audiomotif created all sound effects for this upcoming title.

More info and gameplay examples to follow when the game is officially released.

Feed the King
Image copyright Juicy Beast

Hungry Shark

26 08.10

Games developer Future Games of London brought us in to do a small batch of sound effects for part 2 of their very successful iPhone title, Hungry Shark. Hungry Shark is a cool looking game with fun gameplay, and has been doing pretty well on the AppStore, so well done to the guys at FGOL!

Hungry Shark by FGOL
Image copyright Future Games of London

Supermassive Games

24 08.10

For a period of 2 months during Spring 2010, we worked in-house at Supermassive Games offices in Guildford, UK. We were tasked with managing the post production of speech assets for three of their games, Start the Party! (PS3), Tumble (PS3) and Big Match Striker.

Image copyright Supermassive Games

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