Motif [mō-tēf]: A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work - A dominant theme or central idea.



12 11.13

We were asked to provide sound design, foley and post production for this short film by Rob Lucker. With an Excellent score from Remus, this film is gut wrenchingly good.

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Tired Of Cancer

11 11.13

We worked on a infographic commissioned by The Ad Agency in Leiden, The Netherlands. They wanted a song that would be non intrusive yet supportive of the info graphic’s message.  We came up with a combination of minimalist sound design elements combined with indie pop-esque guitar with xylophone timed to the moving pictures.

Tired of Cancer helps people with cancer handle their fatigue. The App will be available in the AppStore early 2014.

Juicy Beast Sound Logo

24 06.12

We made the sound logo for Juicy Beast studio. Their furry logo is featured as main character for the intro to their quirky games. Cute and a little gross 😀

ONS Belastingen

21 06.12

We were asked to provide both music and SFX for Crooked Line’s video about ONS. We had lots of fun working on the video, with the stylish backdrop of Crooked Lines info graphics.

Client: Gemeente Belastingen Rotterdam (GBR)
Commisioned by: MCR (http://www.mcr-bv.nl/home.html )

Crooked Line was asked to create a video explaining the new tax collection and tax management system used by the municipality of the city of Rotterdam.

The animation was used for the first time during the national congress for Dutch municipalities. The film was used as an introduction to their main presentation. It was a great success as the animation managed to peak the


04 02.10

Music and sound effects to a short intro for the Tea Challenge, a business management training game, simulating different aspects of management in the beverages industry. It allows students to compete with each other and learn about Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Legal and Supply Chain Management. The animation was created by Crooked Line.


03 02.10

We were asked to create music and sound effects to a short intro for a pilot for a Nike supply chain management game. The animation was created by Crooked Line, and is based on a speech by Mark Parker, Nike’s CEO and president. Video by Crooked Line.

CRF Vision

02 02.10

Music and sound effects to a presentation of the CMS institute. Video by Crooked Line.

Blind Sounds

02 02.10

Blind Sounds is a short film about a blind vagabond that lives in the streets of Utrecht, conducting the sounds and noises that are produced by the city. We created all music and sound for this film.

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