Motif [mō-tēf]: A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work - A dominant theme or central idea.



Dead Space Ignition, Sumo Digital/EA, The Audio Guys, PSN/XBLA
HUD/UI, scoring systems

Back Breaker, Natural Motion, The Audio Guys, PS3/XBox 360
HUD/UI, scoring systems

Mole Control, Remode, 1UP, PC
All music & sound design

Feed the King, Juicy Beast, iPhone
Sound design

Burrito Bison, Juicy Beast, iPhone, Flash
Sound design

Burrito Bison Revenge, Juicy Beast, iPhone, Flash
Sound design

Ultimate Robotoru, Berzerk Games, flash
Sound design

Hungry Shark, Future Games of London, iPhone
Additional sound design

Start the Party!, Supermassive Games, Sony, PS3
Dialogue editing

Tumble, Supermassive Games, Sony, PS3
Dialogue editing

Big Match Striker, Supermassive Games, Sony, PS3
Dialogue editing, dialogue implementation, crowd SFX editing

Jambo Safari, Sega, The Audio Guys, Wii/DS
Car surface loops, HUD, various sounds for party- and minigames

Polar Panic, Eiconic, The Audio Guys, XBLA/PSN
About 85% of all the game’s sound effects, including weapons, scoring systems, UI, emotes, physics

F1 2009, Codemasters, The Audio Guys, Wii/PSP
HUD/UI, ambience sound design

E3 Trailer for AAA game (NDA)
Created nearly all sounds for this trailer. Job discontinued due to external circumstances.

Linkit – A Christmas Carol, Litmus, PC
All sound design

Joyjars – TornadoTwins, Jesse Reese Foundation, Flash
All sound design 

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, Sega, The Audio Guys, PS3/XBox 360/Wii/DS
Additional sound design – spot sounds  & environment loops of a few tracks, some special move sound design and car engine looping

Plain Sight, Beatnik Games, The Audio Guys, XBox 360 (XNA)
Explosions, powerups

Console game (NDA), PS3/XBox 360
Car related sounds (surface loops, tyre bumps, skids, suspension systems)

Emergency City, Lightfoot Games, The Audio Guys, iPhone
All sound effects design

Game prototype (NDA)
All sound design

FPS Control: ShellShock, Demo game (Unity)
Bespoke sound design 

Unnanounced title (PC)
All sound design

Unnanounced title (Flash, Mobile)
All sound design

Unnanounced title, XBox 360
Physics, weapons

Unnanounced title, iPhone (development discontinued)
Cutscene sound design

FEAR 2: Project Origin, Monolith, Warner, Babel Media, PC/PS3/XBox 360
VO effects/processing, dialogue editing (FIGS)

Fallout 3, Bethesda, Babel Media, PC/PS3/XBox 360
Lead dialogue post production (FIGS)

“The world’s most popular MMORPG” (NDA)
VO effects/processing (SPA-LA)

Starcraft 2, Blizzard Entertainment, Babel Media, PC
VO effects/processing (SPA-LA, POR-BR)

Linear media/other

Nike – intro video for Management Game Pilot, Crooked Line, Nike

Music and sound design

T-Challenge – intro video for Business Management Training Game, Crooked Line, Thiemen Meulenhof
Music and sound design

CRF Vision – info video for conference, Crooked Line, CRF Institute
Music and sound design

Cool Media Hot Talkshow – leader for talkshow, De Balie
Music and sound design

ONS Belastingen, Infographics video, Crooked Line, MCR
Music and sound design

Tired Of Cancer, Infomerical video, The Ad Agency, TOC
Music and sound design

SMART Footfall, Infographics video, Crooked Line, SF
Music and sound design

Put on a Panto – website, Pirata London
Sound design

Walzer – Shortfilm, Hazazah, Rob Lücker
Sound design, Foley

Stasis – short film, Tomas Hendriks
Sound design

Strangers – short film, Tomas Hendriks
Additional sound design

King Lear (Are you our daughter?) – Nicoleta Chatzopoulou
Mastering, Sound Design

Resonance – Thomas Mohr / Martijn Comes
Mastering, additional re-synthesis

Blind Sounds – short film, RaDu
Sound  design, music, foley,  on location recording.

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