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Finally… Audiomotif website back online!

31 08.10

After about 3 months of being offline, the Audiomotif website is finally live again. Our former website was hacked by some joker, leaving all our files infected with a virus. This essentially meant we had to rebuild everything, but because we were so busy with work (which is a good thing), we simply did not find the time. Of course after 3 months it was really taking too long, so we have now managed to take out extra hours and put everything back together…

So what has been happening?
We have completed a lot of projects, some of which we can already talk about – you can find these in the news section… As soon as we can talk more about the other projects, we will of course update our site.

Meanwhile, to give a taste of what we are currently working on:

– a short film with gorgeous direction of photography
– a PSN/XBLA title of a very well known and frankly awesome games franchise
– a PC browser based adventure game
– various iPhone games
– dialogue post production on a triple A console title

There are also multiple projects in the pipeline for the upcoming months.

Feed the King

26 08.10

Canadian games developer Juicy Beast are known for their quirky, funny Flash games. Their latest title, Feed the King, to be released for iPhone and Flash, features their trademark cute/comic design style and addictive game play. Audiomotif created all sound effects for this upcoming title.

More info and gameplay examples to follow when the game is officially released.

Feed the King
Image copyright Juicy Beast

Hungry Shark

26 08.10

Games developer Future Games of London brought us in to do a small batch of sound effects for part 2 of their very successful iPhone title, Hungry Shark. Hungry Shark is a cool looking game with fun gameplay, and has been doing pretty well on the AppStore, so well done to the guys at FGOL!

Hungry Shark by FGOL
Image copyright Future Games of London

Supermassive Games

24 08.10

For a period of 2 months during Spring 2010, we worked in-house at Supermassive Games offices in Guildford, UK. We were tasked with managing the post production of speech assets for three of their games, Start the Party! (PS3), Tumble (PS3) and Big Match Striker.

Image copyright Supermassive Games

Resonance by Thomas Mhor

24 08.10

We did additional mastering and sub-harmonic synthesis on the music created by Martijn Comes.

In Resonance image and music form simultaneously but independently an intense audiovisual symphonic composition. It is impossible to distinguish whether the image accompanies the music or music the image, or whether the image echoes the musical score or the score echoes the image.
The interaction between the precise cyclic patterns of the image constructions based on a selection from Mohr’s archive of more than 300,000 photographs and the rhythmic energy of the musical score produces a dynamic whole – a composition of expressive intensity sometimes harmonious and occasionally discordant in emotional range and modulation.
The image constructions and music of Martijn Comes alter simultaneously and constantly, the character of the piece remains unpredictable until the last note.

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