Motif [mō-tēf]: A recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work - A dominant theme or central idea.


Sound Design

Our core skill and service we provide is sound design, but what does that really mean? There seems to be no universal agreement on what the term exactly stands for. On the most basic level, we can probably safely say it is about the art of creating sound effects. Taking it quite some steps further, sound design is an effective storytelling tool, utilised by professionals in subliminal, crafty ways to subtly or aggressively manipulate the emotions of a film audience or videogame player.

Sound design is a fascinating craft that is evolving every day, and not just in purely technical ways. To avoid a common misunderstanding, it has to be said that we are no technicians who press the right buttons to do the correct things. Our job is to understand the project we work on, the message, atmosphere and emotions it is trying to communicate, and translate and enhance all of this by means of a creative, expressionistic and subjective process. Technology is merely there to enable us to do our job.

Music Composition & Production

In our sound design work, we employ a lot of techniques that stem from music composition and production. But besides that, we also do compose music for our projects. Our pet styles we write in may be leftfield electronica and cinematic breakbeats, but through our extensive network of talented composers we are able to deliver practically any style you may be looking for.

Audio post-production

File cleaning, dialogue and foley editing, audio restoration, re-recording mixing/dubbing… We have been doing this kind of work for many years, and it often overlaps with the creative processes of our above mentioned specialties. Perhaps you already have audio content for your project that you need properly mixed and mastered, or the recordings you made on location are not up to standard and need some fixing up. We can take your existing audio content and bring it up to a professional level.

Bespoke recording

Perhaps you are not looking for designed sound effects, or maybe you don’t need someone to write music for you – what you are looking for is help with recording particular audio. If this is the case then we could well be the right people to speak to, as one of our favourite things to do is capturing sound, and we are continuously upgrading our already comprehensive recording gear.

Dialogue localisation

Localisation of dialogue can be a huge undertaking, and we are not going to pretend that we are fully set up to handle the entire process in-house. But due to our ample experience in and understanding of the games localisation process, and through our close connections with specialist partners in this field, we are certainly capable to help you out with the localisation needs of your project.

SFX and Virtual Instruments

Musicians and sound designers alike are always in need of fresh, high quality sounds. We close a gap between loop based sample packs and virtual instruments. Providing artists and sound designers with all the tools necessary to create bespoke sounds for their projects. We love creating, recording and manipulating sounds, and now we created the tools that enable you to implement them with ease and tailor fit to your project.

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